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Beirut.com 09 Mar 2022

On Kafala And Racism In Lebanon (Part 2)

After 10 years of slavery in Lebanon, Nepali domestic worker Sajita arrived home a week ago thanks to the efforts of This Is Lebanon NGO. An organization that has been relentlessly advocating for the rights of migrant domestic workers since 2017.

On this episode of Beirut.com’s podcast Beirut Buzz, Lynn continues the conversation about Kafala and racism in Lebanon which our host Lama had started on the first season, this time joined by an activist from This Is Lebanon. Listen to Zain talk about the one-sided Lebanese judicial system protecting wealthy individuals at the cost of abused migrant workers who can’t even get help at their own embassies, how the NGO’s website got blocked three times by local government, and how you can help expose abusive employers.

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