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Tanya Maalouf 19 Mar 2022

10 Games Lebanese People Would Know How To Play Best

They would suck at Parking Mania.

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Replace those beer cans with Bonjus pyramids and watch a Lebanese person stomp them all skilfully – A classical one from school days.

2. Hide and Seek but with an eye-folding twist


They’re not afraid to walk in pitch black at 3:00 AM for a mid-night pee. They’re so used to it they now run into the toilet and sit right on the seat without using a flashlight.

3. Darts and Target Archery

Lebanese moms’ kid targeting precision is one flip flop away – they’re in these two game for the win.

4. Autocross


Lebanese people excel at this game – they call it ‘Driving in between the jouwar.

5. Blindman’s Buff

(A game in which one player is blindfolded, placed at the center of a circle of unfolded players, spun around, and must guess the identity of the player who calls out to him.)

Lebanese guys have been playing ‘Sahsouh’ since grade 6, this one’s a piece of cake for them.

6. Dirty truth or dare


Red flag holders have gained some experience from sliding into girls’ DMs using the ‘tel3abe T or D?’ get-in-your-pants strategy.

7. Ball Juggling


They’ve been juggling

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They will play these games like their life depends on them, because it does.

9. The telephone game (or ‘Téléphone Cassé’)


No one can beat ‘Neswen El Forn aal sobhiye’ at it – their ears are always open to secret words.

10. This ‘shake the cardboard to get the marble in the square’ game:

If they’re still living in Lebanon, they have the patience this game takes… A LOT of it actually.

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