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Mia Arawi 15 Mar 2022

8 Priceless Tips From Clinical Sexologist Dr. Sandrine Atallah

Renowned Lebanese psychosexologist Dr. Sandrine Atallah, M.D, has been actively working on promoting sexual health in the Middle East for over a decade, and her Instagram account is lush with priceless tips that will educate and help optimize your sex life. Here are our favorites!

1. On the obsession with size:

2. On the male G-spot:

3. On discovering the female P-spot:

4. On the best and fastest way to help a woman orgasm:

5. On having a healthy libido:

6. On the different pleasure zones:

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7. On premature ejaculation:

8. On what and where the clitoris is!

If you would like to hear more, check out our Beirut Buzz podcast interview with Dr. Atallah that covers various topics ranging from the Sex Education Netflix series to Covid-19’s impact on our sex lives, while touching upon myths about squirting, pornography use, horny goat weed, rape fantasies, and hopeful initiatives from Arab countries.