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Tanya Maalouf 21 Mar 2022

Joulia: Beirut’s Newest Authentic Kebbe Spot

From a home cooking operation known as Thymes961 to a brand new spot in Beirut, Joulia is the newest addition to Lebanon’s food scene that is bringing you the most mouthwatering kebbe creations.

Coming from a long line of talented kebbe makers, owner Jad Abdallah decided to preserve this gourmet legacy and transport it from Ehden to the heart of Beirut. Leaving his corporate job, Abdallah opened Joulia just last week.

Tucked away in Achrafieh’s beautiful Tabaris neighborhood, this new spot is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 AM – 5 PM for pick-up and delivery.

On the menu, you can expect traditional delights like the hummus kebbe:

More inventive dishes include the iconic Northern 2oros stuffed with feta cheese and mixed herbs:

Those who love the sayniyet kebbe also known as mamdoude or tabe2teen won’t be disappointed either!

Simply put, Joulia is every kebbe lovers’ dream spot. Drop by and show some support to this budding new business!