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Lynn Fakhry 24 Mar 2022

8 Local Destinations That Give Off The Most Zen Vibes

If you are struggling to unlock peacefulness of mind amid political, economic, and concrete chaos, here are some magical places that will reboot your senses:


1. Dar Zefta

Dating back to 1911, this guesthouse located in the southern village of Zefta carries a legacy of culture within its every corner. It was built with the expertise of Italian and Oriental architects, then restored using natural materials, accentuated with earthy tones and contemporary artworks mixed with custom furniture inspired by the Ottoman era. Catch a sunset by the pool while enjoying the whiff of pine and olive trees or from the comfort of your majestic green couches.

2. Zita Fidar

A luxury guesthouse with artistic flair sitting on a cliff that overlooks Mediterranean waters. It is known as the “house of art and soul” for its perfectly situated rooms decorated with handpicked contemporary paintings and pieces. Additional in-house activities are also available including couple yoga session, full body massages, and a paddle board ride.

3. Baytroun

A wellbeing spot located in the heart of Batroun. It stands out through its homey feel and casual rural-inspired interior that is highlighted by DIY décor items, woven reed baskets and stools, wooden furniture, tall plants, and a tastefully vibrant seating area with blue couches that match the tranquillizing seaview.

4. Beit El Laffé

A bohemian space and yoga hub promoting slow-living philosophy, Beit El Laffe is your quiet retreat in the city of Ashrafieh. It’s a warm place where you can reflect, daydream, and enjoy botanical suppers while seated in the dramatic shadows of the garden’s bushes and trees and surrounded by the relaxing scent of burning sage.

Natural retreats:

5. River Zen

A lodging and camping site located in Chouf. You can rent a treehouse, bungalow, or private tent, hike to the site’s hidden cave, or just contemplate the picturesque landscape as you chill beside the river. The place serves Lebanese food, hosts barbecue events, and welcomes your furry friends to explore Lebanon’s nature with you!

6. Coara

What’s more refreshing than eating a seasonal dish while surrounded by lush greenery and a soft breeze? Coara is an organic vegan restaurant nestled in a traditional Lebanese stone house that rests upon the mountains of Kafarkatra – Chouf, and offers you guiltless meals cooked with fresh homegrown produce!

7. Ibrahim’s Farm

A green haven of peace tucked away in the charming village of Bcharre. This family-owned farm has been revived after more than 30 years of abandonment and it promotes human health and ecological values through an organic cultivation certified by the CCPB. The farm holds picnic/camping spaces and hiking trails, and welcomes you to pick your own fruits and vegetables! You can arrange a memorable visit through this website.


Home of the largest exhibition of sculptures, the Lebanese Modern and Contemporary Art Museum located on the hilltop of Alita is a place where art meets nature. Artowrks and installations are displayed in the vast outdoor area that surrounds the museum where many open-air activities are also hosted.