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Tanya Maalouf 27 Mar 2022

Explore With Ali: The 20-Year Old Taking You On Unforgettable Hikes

We hope you’re ready to go on a journey of physical, mental, and natural discovery because this young Lebanese adventurer from Akkar is thrilled to guide you through one!

A few years ago, Ali Tradieh created the Let’s Hike community out of his love for the great outdoors, and it soon became a main hub for tourists and local hiking enthusiasts looking to explore stunning areas around Lebanon.

Through Let’s Hike, Ali organizes hikes, bike rides, and snowshoeing guides across the country from A to Z so that both amateurs and seasoned outdoorsmen don’t have to worry about any logistics. Some of the sites that have been traversed and explored include Jadaabrine, Shekka, Qornet El Sawda, Kdarhela, Chouwen, Jehliyeh, Yahshoush, Akoura, and Hermel.

Ali also recently created a YouTube channel on which he posts delightful videos that help you discover the beauty of Lebanon from wherever you are in the world – even from the comfort your bed.

Join Ali’s trail family this Sunday at 7:30 AM as they go on a trip that involves zip line and yoga activities. The trip’s fee covers transportation, entrance, and guidance, so book your spot on WhatsApp at 81881537 or via DMs to hike your way to Imad’s Rock in Shouf and maybe develop some friendships along the way!

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