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Beirut.com 29 Mar 2022

Minister Of Energy Strikes Again, Singing Instead Of Answering Questions

Did you think we had reached peak surrealism? Think again!

In the country where citizens routinely experience anywhere between 20 and 24 hours of black outs every day, Lebanon’s Minister of Energy is spending his time singing Dalida and Wael Kfoury instead of answering press questions.

Upon being approached by Sawt Beirut International’s Rabih Chantaf, Minister Walid Fayyad chose to play around and give us a rendition of Dalida’s “Helwa Ya Baladi”. After being told “wa3adtna b Nissen…” alluding to the fact that he had previously promised that citizens would benefit from increased hours of electricity, he launched into a rendition of Wael Kfoury’s “Ma W3adtik Bi Njoum El Leil”. Delightful.

Is The Voice looking for new talent? Might as well apply, it’s not like you’re spending any of your time resolving our compounded energy crises.

And this is not the first time his excellency lets his personality shine through. Weeks ago, he was spotted saying mabrouk to citizens as they managed to fuel up their cars.

Good to see you’re feeling carefree and happy!