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Bassel Obeid 29 Mar 2022

7 Ways To Make Up For A Bad Monday

Had a sucky Monday? Well, let’s not let that roll over to the rest of the week. Here are a few ways you can make up for it.

1. Check out the “We Refuse to Die” exhibition by Soraya Hallal at Exode

Hallal breathes life into recycled scraps and materials and gives them another chance as new sculptures!

2. Attend a Tarab night with Daline Jabbour at Tota

Get mesmerized by her beautiful vocals (and enjoy a light bite while you’re at it).

3. Laugh off the bad vibes with Stand-Up Comedy Showcase at KED

For more information, click here!

4. Head over to Boneless and try their new menu items

They just opened their fourth location in Jal El Dib, offering 30% off on their wraps and burgers!

5. Add these 10 wonders to your bucket list!

Nothing will boost your mood like these magical spots!

6. Fight the cold weather with a Halaweh latte from Coffee Shot

Keep warm with a delicious cup of coffee!

7. Have a musical night with Piece of Cake at Gwen’s Bar

Pairing your favorite drinks with some funky tunes is the best combination!