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Bachar Bzeih 18 May 2023

Lebanon Ranks Top Of World’s Best Dips

A list of the “Best Dips in the World” released by the online travel guide TasteAtlas has ranked Lebanon’s Mutabal, Toum, and Hummus Beiruti as the three best dips in the world today. The rankings have received wide coverage across Twitter, with Lebanese users exclaiming their patriotic pride at receiving 5 placements among the world’s top 50, and some questioning how these decisions were actually made.

Lebanon’s five ranked “dips” include Mutabal (#1), Toum (#2), Hummus Beiruti (#3), Hummus (Collectively) (#12), Baba Ghanoush (#15). Some other local favorites like Muhammara (#6, Syria), Tahini (#28, Syria), and Labneh (!)(#29, Jordan) are listed under different nationalities. We’re just glad Gamal Abdel Nasser did not live to see this.

Separating some of the Arab world’s best dishes into arbitrary national distinctions is a crime of equal proportion to the Sykes-Picot agreement. If that wasn’t enough, reducing them to simple “dips” is something the International Criminal Court in the Hague must look into.

Of course, on the actual authenticity of the list, we approve Lebanon and the Arab world’s place at the top of most global food and cuisine lists, so we are glad we received some recognition there at least. Next time, just do it better.

Now, if we wanna actually get into a debate about whether Mutabal deserves its top spot against some very strong competitors, we’d open a rabbit hole we can never escape.

Anyway, Lebanon #1! If you’re looking to enjoy some of these wonderful “dips” in their authentic greatness, make sure you visit these 6 great spots for foul and hummus in Beirut.