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Mia Arawi 01 Apr 2022

12 Reasons Why We Love Chef Antoine

Antoine el-Hajj, more commonly known as Chef Antoine, has been gracing Lebanon’s national television station for over 25-years. With a smile in tow, folksy commentary about ingredients, and adorable banter with his fans, Chef Antoine is nothing short of an icon.

Here are 12 reasons why we love Chef Antoine!

1. He was once spotted rummaging through garbage, only to reveal that he hated seeing fruits and vegetables being thrown away.

Chef Antoine then took the discarded food and used it as feed for his chickens. King of sustainability.

2. His vegan burger is hilariously not vegan at all.

With butter and ground beef.

3. His time on Celebrity Duets is gold.

4. And we can’t forget the iconic tabbouleh song!

A bop.

5. He makes besties with his callers.

6. His sign-off on the show is simply adorable.

على أمل أن تمر هذه الأيام بسلام

7. He was open about his divorce

Watching him say that his wife had 300 pairs of jeans and 250 pairs of shoes = strange yet adorable.

8. He is a walking, talking recipe book.

Stroganoff, onion soup, moussaka, pastas, fish, Lebanese food, burgers, nammoura, maamoul, noodles, Chinese chicken, salads, curries, paella, holiday specials, and virtually every dessert under the sun. Chef Antoine can recall any recipe from memory, being sure to give you tips and tricks about maximizing flavor.

9. He always has our financial interests at heart.

Part of what makes Chef Antoine’s cooking show so special is the fact that he routinely provides affordable and accessible recipes, helping struggling families make delicious dishes with smart swaps.

10. He was even featured in the New York Times for his economic approach!

11. He sometimes plays wing man for callers wanting to flirt with his co-hosts.

12. He is extremely loyal to Tele Liban.

Despite having reportedly received tempting offers from other networks, Chef Antoine remains loyal to his home network, Tele Liban.