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Labib Mansour 04 Apr 2022

The Mafroukeh-Sahlab Ice Cream Sandwich You Need To Try

Ramadan is here and with it comes a medley of delectable desserts that have our mouths watering!

One creation that caught our eye today is the seasonal mafroukeh and sahlab ice cream “sandwich” from the delightful ice cream shop Booza Society.

Layers of delicious mafroukeh khadra (pistachio mafroukeh) with perfectly sweet sahlab ice cream, topped with a helping of pistachios for an extra crunch! This is the ideal way to wrap up your Iftar meal.

Located in Koreitem, this pick-up and delivery ice cream spot is known for their outlandish yet delicious ice cream flavors.

Some of their more inventive options range from Arabic Coffee (our mouth is watering) to Zaatar, and even debes kharroub!