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Tanya Maalouf 05 Apr 2022

More Delightful Antiques Stores For Hidden Gems In Lebanon

Antiques stores and sellers can be hard to find, but not anymore! Your next rarity is one click and a scroll away! For part one of this list, click here.

1. Re-store

Run by art and design enthusiast May Sobh, this concept store follows the philosophy of reviving furnishings from the past with a touch of modernity. When in Badaro, pass by the showroom facing Sequoia building and shop some upcycled objects or a Mini Koko statuette from the new collection.

2. Something Old, Something New

Looking for ornamental wall clocks, vintage suitcases and jewelry boxes, or a decorative traditional carved wooden shoe? This retail shop in Fanar has them all alongside a vast collection of furniture, home décor items, and lampshades.

3. Adimak

‘Your one-stop online shop for all-things vintage’, Adimak buys and sells old and refurbished offerings that include accessories dating back to 1920s, mirrors, chairs and tables from the 60s and 70s, and even old wooden windows and entrance doors.

4. Reex Antiques

This online shop’s owner has toured the world to find you slices of history ranging from mechanical clocks to porcelain vases and tea sets, Persian wool carpets, hand-painted tableaux signed by their original artists, and an enormous selection of artisanal table lamps imported mostly from France and Italy.

5. Retro

Founded by Lebanese collector Hussein Youness, this store located at Basta Tahta in Beirut houses an impressive collection of the most random retro collectibles existing out there like old Casino Du Liban playing cards, a boot-shaped shot glass, old Lebanese car plates and mechanic certificates, superman comics in Arabic language, and many more interesting items to dig in to!

6. A Vintage Shed

A Vintage Shed thrifts treasures and revamps some, turning them into timeless pieces with a modern twist. Besides a vast selection of stools, tables, and chairs, the store offers a diversity of items including tin boxes and signs, tribal/Bedouin jewelry, traditional handcrafts from Damascus, and colored copies of original lithographs.

7. Artizone

A fascinating online store brimming with reclaimed vintage Singer sewing machines from 1920s, typewriters, tape recorders, portable vinyl record players and radios from the 1950s. It also displays old handmade porcelain dolls, traditional hand-painted wooden facemasks from Africa, and orginial cast recordings of Ziad Rahabni’s iconic theatre plays released in 1980s.

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