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William Daou 05 Apr 2022

There’s A New House Of Shawarma In Town Chopping You Bites Of Happiness

A quaint new shawarma spot is open on Mar Mikhael (next to Lettuce Meat), and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Delish’s menu is simple: have your beef or chicken shawarma on a plate with pickles and garlic paste, wrapped in Arabic or Tortilla bread, or served as bites in the form of a tower dripping with Tahini sauce and lemon juice!

And the weekend special? A Halloumi Shawarma sandwich with a tomato-pesto mix sauce.

Whether you order a sandwich made the old-fashioned way or with a Mexican touch, your wrap will be decorated with more slices of Shawarma on top – a signature final touch that will give you a ‘delish-ious’ first impression on your first bite.

Don’t forget to save some room for a french fries sandwich or box so you can end your meal fry-tastical note!

For the love of delicious Shawarma, pass by Delish and watch your exceedingly juicy sandwich being prepared live!

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