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Melissa Sleiman 17 May 2023

9 Great Spots For Arabic Ice Cream In Lebanon

Who doesn’t enjoy some Arabic ice cream (bouza 3arabiyye) from time to time? If you’re craving its unique chewiness amidst the heat of impeding summer, don’t worry we have your back, here are 9 of the best spots for this traditional ice cream in Lebanon.

1. Assaf King Of Ice Cream, Ghobeiry

The king of ice cream himself brings you some of the most royal Arabic ice cream you can get in town.

With all the ice cream fresh and handmade, you better come with an open mind and an open stomach so you can stuff down as many of their wonderful flavors as possible into your cone!

Number: 81 094 162

2. Antabli, Various

Known as one of the best places for Arabic ice cream in Lebanon, Antabli definitely lives up to the hype.

Their ice cream scoops come full of flavor, and will leave you licking your fingers after.

Number: 01 991 212

3. Bouza Kozaily, Zouk Mkayel

With wonderfully colorful scoops, Kozaily brings you some of the best Arabic ice cream in town with deliciously cold bites of great and fruity flavors.

You can enjoy their ice cream in clay pots that store the ice cold flavor like nothing else.

Number: 03 670 706

4. Chidiac Sweets, Minet el Hosn

With over 100 years of experience in serving up delectable sweets, this spot brings you some of best traditional scoops you can get in Lebanon.

Their special ice cream-making technique will surely make you fall in love at first bite.

Number: 01 363 603

5. Ramlawi, Saida

With a vast collection of natural ice creams made with no preservatives, Ramlawi has every flavor you want right in there perfectly crafted cones.

A scoop of their creamy pistachio topped with a hefty portion of nuts will be worth the trip alone.

Number: 07 720 140

6. Hanna Mitri, Achrafieh

An iconic spot in the heart of Beirut, Hanna Mitri serves loyal customers exquisitely made Arabic ice cream like no other.

The croquant is a must-try, but fruit flavor lovers will also be in heaven.
Number: 03 254 356

7. Ataa Ice Cream, Zahle

No trip to Zahle is complete without a massive, chewy cone of ashta ice cream, and Ataa is the spot that makes it best.

Next time you’re in the area, make sure you be ready to try all their great flavors.

Number: 08 824 433

8. Maroun Ice Cream, Bcharre

Made with all natural ingredients, Maroun’s Arabic chocolate and vanilla ice creams are truly a heavenly experience.

Also make sure to try their wonderful blend of banana and caramel!

Number: 03 288 195

9. Berdwani Ice Cream, Zahle

No list of great Arabic ice cream in Lebanon would be complete without the great Berdwani. All true connoisseurs must make the trek to try Berdwani’s flavorful scoops.

During your visit, make sure to try their famous Zahlawi ice cream kaake!

Number: 08 823 733