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Lynn Fakhry 12 Apr 2022

22 Odd-Sounding Lebanese Expressions And What They Actually Mean

Here’s our urban dictionary translation of some wonderfully weird common expressions that you’d only hear in Lebanon:

1. Enta men 3dam el ra2be

Translation: You’re one of the neck’s bones

Meaning: “You and I are so close”

2. Fi baynetna khebez w meleh

Translation: There’s bread and salt between us

Meaning: “We have known each other for such a long time”

3. Men kel wede 3asa

Translation: A stick from each valley

Meaning: What is being said or done is very random and unorganized or non-sequential

4. Metel el orb3a bi noss el jom3a

Translation: Like a Wednesday in the middle of the week

Meaning: Used to express the oddness of someone being out of place

5. Kebret el khasse bi raso

Translation: The lettuce grew in his head

Meaning: “He’s so full of himself”

6. 3tine yeha min el ekhir

Translation: Give it to me from the end

Meaning: “Get straight to the point”

7. 3emlouloun kabse

Translation: They pressed them

Meaning: “They caught them doing something unauthorized in secret”

8. Belak shou fade

Translation: Your mind is so empty

Meaning: “You have a lot of time on your hands”

9. Khalis la alla

Translation: He’s so done to God

Meaning: “He’s so stupid”

10. Enta wen wel dene wen

Translation: Where are you and where’s the world

Meaning: “Aren’t you aware of what’s happening around you?”

11. Ahsan ma yetla3 halib el nawar

Translation: Or else I’d let out the gypsies’ milk

Meaning: “Don’t make me lose control or lose my temper”

12. Rahit 3lek

Translation: it went out on you

Meaning: “You missed out on something important”

13. Min Hal 3en Abel Hal 3en

Translation: From this eye before this eye

Meaning: “I’ll do anything you ask of me”

14. Shou khas toz bi marhaba?

Translation: What does fart have to do with Hello?

Meaning: What is being said is unreasonable or unrelated to the conversation happening.

15. Shou fi hek hek?

Translation: What’s up like this like that?

Meaning: “What’s up? Tell me anything”

16. El sabah rabah

Translation: The morning is a winner

Meaning: “Don’t worry, we’ll solve this issue tomorrow”

17. E3din 3am nemshe

Translation: We’re out here, sitting-walking

Meaning: “We’re just taking a walk”

18. Bala hob bala battikh

Translation: Without love and watermelon

Meaning: “love is not a priority for me right now”

19. Ba3ed ma fa2as men el bayda

Translation: He didn’t crack out of his egg yet

Meaning: “Who does he think he is?”

20. Min tiz el daw

Translation: From the light’s butt

Meaning: Waking up very early in the morning

21. De2 el may may

Translation: Tap the water, it stays water

Meaning: used to describe a futile action

22. Toli3 el sha3er 3ala lsene

Translation: The hair grew on my tongue

“I’ve warned you many times but you didn’t take it seriously.”

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