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Lynn Fakhry 13 Apr 2022

This Lebanese Eco-Friendly Business Is Turning Vinyl Records Into Art Canvases

In 2014, two female Lebanese creative directors, Chantal Haddad and Elsa Hreiz, founded the Trash Vinyl Art collective project with the intent of expending art’s boundaries in terms of materials and techniques.

Since then, the duo had been preserving the artistic value of rescued unwanted vinyl records by turning them into handmade openwork frames, clocks, and other original pieces that feature graffiti stencil art, painting (using low VOC paint), and mixed media technique.

Their revived products are decorative and playful, including abstract shapes, cityscapes, movie characters, and portraits of celebrities illustrated on LPs, framed vinyl record prints available in A4 and A3, LED light clocks, and vinyl record sketchbooks!

The team also does customized works for clients who want a more personalized design or a special occasion gift.

By purchasing an upcycled item, you will rocking your wall with an eco-friendly artwork that reflects your interests and triggers discussion!

Browse through the proudly “made in Leabnon” collection of Trash Vinyl Art, and put a new record on!

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