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Melissa Sleiman 13 Apr 2022

Here’s How You Can Contribute To Lebanon’s Racism Monitor

The Anti-Racism Movement, also known as ARM, has been working diligently for racial, labor, migrant, and gender justice in Lebanon, reporting on cases of racist incidences, human rights violations, and overall ill-treatment of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon.

ARM has documented 18 mysterious deaths of migrant women in Lebanon since April 2020. The incidents have been referred to by Lebanese authorities and media as occurring under “mysterious conditions”, often leaving out the names of the migrant women and failing to investigate and/or incriminate employers despite the mounting evidence against them.

In collaboration with Akhbar Al Saha, the team has set up a Racism Monitor that will allow you to report on racist incidents and media reports you may come across. To do so, you can fill out a form via the link or contact them on social media.

Despite the frequency of these crimes, they are continuously given little to no importance by a great deal of the population, including the authorities and media platforms.

Make sure to share the Racism Monitor across social media platforms so that we take a step closer to a Lebanon that is safe for everyone.

If you would like to learn more about ARM, you can tune in to our podcast here!