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Lynn Fakhry 13 Apr 2022

A New Nostaglic Theatre Performance To Celebrate Ramadan At Al Madina

If the Mesaharati’s early-hour rhythmical drum beat didn’t awaken you senses during this holy month, this upcoming musical performance definitely will!

After being called for investigation in October for presenting a play that critiques Lebanese politicians in power, director and scriptwriter Awad Awad makes a comeback with ‘Law Yerja’a Ramadan Zaman’, a Ramadan-themed musical work that will be performed for two consecutive nights, April 20 and 21, at 9:30 PM on Al Madina Theatre in Hamra.

This musical evening is part of the holiday-special line-up organized by Al Madina Theatre to add festive and cheer to this year’s celebration.

Orchestrated by Joseph Yashouhi, musicians Raja Fallah, Sami Saade, and Rodolph Fares will be joined by a big group of actors including Tarek Tamim, Sami Hamdan, Maher Itani, and Nivine Yakzan, bringing you back to the simpler old days through original songs and personal stories.

From late night gatherings around the TV watching Fawazir, to counting down the Maghreb for the sweet taste of qatayef, nostalgic Ramadan zaman memories will put you in a wonderful magical mood!

Tickets are sold at all Antoine Library branches, online, and at the door.