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Lynn Fakhry 14 Apr 2022

Wing Woman: Eradicating Period Poverty And Female Unemployment In Lebanon

From making masks during their first sewing class with Stiches and More in 2020 to making sanitary towels for refugee women in partnership with The Pachamama Project and introducing reusable pads in 2021, Wing Woman’s team of hardworking Syrian and Palestinian women has come a long way!

Wing Woman was established as a livelihoods program in collaboration with Stand for Women, and it aims to provide women in vulnerable communities with job opportunities, whilst ending period poverty through producing affordable and reusable period products.

To help the 76% of females struggling to manage their periods amid the worsened economic situation in Lebanon, a group of women from the WW project is sourcing materials and sewing reusable pads which are then sold commercially or to other NGOs and charities.

The WW pads “got you covered from your lightest to your heaviest days” through three available sizes. They last up to 5 years and are sold in upcycled packs, which make them cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for using those washable pads:

And a quick pad anatomy lesson that will reveal the secret behind the product’s comfiness:

If you wish to hear some of the wing-womens’ testimonies, watch this short video and discover how this project has transformed their lives: