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Labib Mansour 29 Apr 2022

11 Delightfully Delicious Croissants To Enjoy In Lebanon

If you’re a pastry lover or you just can’t resist adding some sweetness to your dish, here are some flaky croissants that you can sink your teeth into.

1. Des Choux Et Des Idees

A classic French pastry with ALL the layers! The plain is exceptional and they have an amazing pain au chocolat.

2. Pâte à Choux

Home of the famous Bahama cake! This pastry shop also makes delicious, perfectly crafted croissants. Start your day with a ham and cheese croissant.

3. Neo

Achrafieh’s small but mighty bakery is home to delicious pastries. Come for the cheese croissant, stay for the brioche.

4. Al Sheikh

This Lebanese-style croissant spot makes very un-French but delicious croissants! Think large, fluffy, and overstuffed creations that will paint a smile on your face.

5. Clement

This delightful Zahle pick up only shop is known for its incredible tarts and cakes, and its croissant packs a powerful punch. Simply flavors and flakey dough is what it’s all about. Please note that you can only place orders online.

6. Mont Croissant

Mont Croissant has locations in Zouk Mikael, Hrajel, and Sioufi in Achrafieh where they serve up delectable freshly-baked croissants that aim to please. For chocolate lovers, the chocolate cream-filled croissant is a must-try and is the perfect accompaniment to your morning cup of coffee.

7. Sift

Upgrade your breakfast with their poached egg croissant sandwich that is runny in all the right ways! A signature buttery croissant with a filling of a perfectly poached egg topped with Hollandaise sauce.

8. Cannelle

Their chocolate croissant is very light with abundant flakiness that makes you disregard the crumbly mess below you.

9. Noura

Noura’s croissants are gracefully buttery, flaky, and layered with slightly more chocolate than the average croissant.

10. Abdul Rahman Hallab 1881

Another Lebanese-style croissant. For an upgraded experience, get it stuffed with a hefty portion of their cheesy knefe.

11. Tusk

Mar Mikhael’s artisanal sourdough bakery! Their feta croissants are the perfect brunch item that will satisfy all your cravings.