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Bassel Obeid 05 May 2022

7 Original Burgers You Have To Try In Lebanon

Burger lovers who want to try some original and adventurous creations, check out these spots serving odd burgers that you have got to try at least once.

1. Mac & Cheese Burger from Billy Boyz

The iconic Mac & Cheese burger replaced the traditional buns with deep fried mac and cheese! And they also serve the delicious Messy Burger:

2. Famous Gilbert’s Burger from Gilbert’s Burger Bites

This burger will definitely satisfy your crunchy food ASMR obsessions! Back by popular demand, their Famous Gilbert’s Burger is a whole lot of deep fried goodness.

3. Burger Tower from Murray

Going for dinner with your fellow burger lovers? Look no further! This delicious burger tower is here to please.

4. Burger 7 from Spicy no. 7

Bringing together Lebanese and Indian food, this spot is known for making exceptional dishes with their secret “7 spices” blend – and this bun-free burger is no exception!

5. Pizza Burger from Chez Chakour

The famous pizza and burger combo we all know and love, Chez Chakour is bringing you the most delectable dishes that will keep you full for the rest of the week.

6. Hanger Bucket from Hunger Bunker

Have you ever had cheese hang from a bucket hovering over your burger? We’re sure you haven’t. Grab your closest and hungriest friends and try this iconic dish!

7. Jack Daniels Burger from La Burgeria

A burger that will set your tastebuds on fire (literally). This burger is drenched in Jack Daniels and set on fire – a memorable dining experience that will leave you coming back for seconds.

Honorable mentions:

The Cheeseman Experience from Cheese On Top

Cheese Flood Burger from Piece & Loaf

The Red Bomb Burger from Burgery