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Bassel Obeid 06 May 2022

8 Spots To Enjoy Lunch With A View In Lebanon

Lunch is best paired with a stunning view, and luckily for us, our beloved Lebanon has plenty!

Here are a few refreshing spots where you can gobble up your favorite dishes while enjoying a gorgeous view.

1. Sama Terbol Café, Al Minieh

An adorable café located on a magical hill 30-minutes away from Tripoli! For those seeking some adventure and an amazing view of the sea and mountains.

This could be the perfect weekend roadtrip to enjoy with your friends, as you explore new hiking trails and take in what this beautiful location has to offer.

2. Kahwet Sanferien, Jounieh

Kahwet Sanferian boasts a seaside view and traditional Lebanese cuisine. This spot will make you feel right at home, with its hearty meals and cozy interior.

Here you will find pictures of Lebanon’s most adored legendary artists, like Philemon Wehbe (obviously), Sabah, and Wadih el-Safi!

3. Lavender Getaway, Kfarqatra, Chouf

This location is nestled between the mountains of Chouf, overlooking a marvelous view that is best enjoyed at sunset.

Lavender is the perfect spot for you and your friends to have a change of scenery. Their menu is a mix of Lebanese and international cuisine, but we recommend their margherita pizza!

4. Beyt El Jabal, Deir el-Qamar

The beauty of Deir el-Qamar shines through this guesthouse and restaurant. Strategically located to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, Beyt El Jabal brings you an authentic taste of Lebanon through their views, delicious food, and old architecture.

You can also book a unique getaway and enjoy a few days of solitude. If you’re used to the city life, this is the perfect escape!

5. The View, Miziara

The View is a little taste of heaven with an incredible indoor lounge and outdoor seating area. This is the perfect spot for a quick escape, and you can even take a dip in their jacuzzi!

An ideal location for all occasions!

6. La Crêperie, Jounieh

A Lebanese French restaurant that is known for serving up delicious mezza, pasta, and so much more.

And if the food is not a good enough reason to come back, this spot has a marvelous view that will elevate your lunch experience.

7. The Bevview, Baskinta

For our nature lovers, this is the spot where heaven meets earth and the sun shines against the snowy mountains.

Grab your friends, discover the beauty of Baskinta, and refuel with a delicious meal at The Bevview. Even your furry friends can tag along!

8. The Broad, Jbeil

A marvelous location where you can gaze at the beauty of Jbeil while enjoying an exceptional meal! Their menu includes a variety of burgers, delectable sandwiches, and hearty salads that will make the experience even better.