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Tanya Maalouf 18 May 2022

18 Games 80s Kids Will Remember

Throwback to the days before iPads and PlayStation.

1. Classic marbles that were fascinating

2. The drumming Duracell rabbit

3. Your initiation into family dreams of you becoming a doctor:

4. The often frustrating fishing game

5. The Classic Two Tune Television

6. Barbie dolls that perpetuated the most unattainable beauty standards

7. Weird Ass Trolls

8. Matchbox cars

9. This futuristic basketball game that felt like magic and the classic Attari

10. Monopoly: your first exposure to the world of greed and slum lords

11. The very cool and cherished view master

12. The detailed design of these trinkets

13. ALL the collectible characters that managed to fascinate you despite having no function

14. Legos

15. The magical Etch A Sketch

16. The small army of green men who were often sold in a bucket

17. Super Elastic Bubble Plastic!

18. And the good ol’ Rubik’s cube that always managed to make you cheat by switching around the stickers