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Taleen El Gharib 17 May 2022

Here Are The New Independent Faces In Parliament

After a long and difficult journey since the 2019 crisis and subsequent October 17 uprising…after the August 4 blast, Tleil explosion, and excruciating economic crisis, the parliamentary elections brought a ray of hope and what we are sure is just the beginning of positive change.

If you’ve missed any of the opposition candidates who secured a seat in the parliament amid the chaos on social media, here they are:

Cynthia Zarazir (Beirut 1)
Ibrahim Mneimneh (Beirut 2)
Wadeh El Sadek (Beirut 2)
Najat Aoun Saliba (Chouf – Mount Lebanon 4)
Halimé Kaakour (Chouf – Mount Lebanon 4)
Mark Daou (Aley – Mount Lebanon 4)
Ramy Finge (Tripoli – North 2)
Michel Douaihy (Zgharta – North 3)
Firas Hamdan (Marjeyoun-Hasbaya – South 3)
Elias Jarade (Marjeyoun-Hasbaya – South 3)
Yassine Yassine (West Beqaa-Rashaya – Beqaa 2)

The opposition candidates were able to secure an impressive number of seats given the stronghold of traditional political parties, particularly in Aley-Chouf where three candidates from the United For Change list succeeded (Najat Saliba, Halimé Kaakour and Mark Daou).

Additionally, many traditional faces (that we hope to never see again in the political scene) have lost, including:

Talal Arslan
Asaad Hardan
Elie Ferzli
Wiam Wahhab
Ziad Aswad
Hadi Hbeish
Faysal Karame
Marwan Kheireddine

The election results were a big win and foreshadow even more opposition candidates taking over parliamentary seats in the future. The fight does not stop here, as these elections were only the beginning of major changes that we hope to achieve soon.