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Lama Hajj 17 May 2022

These Candidates Got Less Than 6 Votes Each

Feeling lonely?

Feeling unloved?

Well just imagine that you coughed up $1,500 in fresh cash to run for parliamentary elections, only to receive less than SIX VOTES.

This is the case for these eight candidates spread out across Lebanon.

We start off with my man Salman Abdel Khalek who received a mere 2 votes in Aley. Basically him and his mom or wife…not even both.

Next up is Iyad Banna in Beirut 2, who really showed Salman by getting one vote more for a total of…3 votes. Mommy and wifey showed up for this one, siblings sat it out.

Donnieh’s Mohamad Gebara must have pissed off the entire town, except these 4 people.

Hayman Mcheik can rub his 5 votes in Gebara’s face!

As can Tripoli’s Dima Dannawi, who also received 5 votes.

And finally, the three members of this one list in Tripoli-Donnieh-Minieh. Omar Masri is probably gloating.

Personally volunteering to be friends with all these people <3.