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Beirut.com 18 May 2022

The Lebanese Shopping Platform Disturbing The World of Fashion

While most famous online shops pile on additional environmental woes, the consciously curated Lebanese shopping platform Lemonade Fashion has been revolutionizing the fashion industry since 2017, offering a made-to-measure technology and showcasing independent designers who don’t use animal products, generate zero-waste, and follow ethical manufacturing practices. Joining our host Lynn on this episode are two of the platform’s co-founders, fashion designer and creative director Dana Malaeb and the CEO and entrepreneur Arthur Bizdikian, who will be telling you the story of how they met each other, how they came up with the brand name, and how they hunt for local and international talents. If you also want to discover Dana’s opinion on this year’s met gala and Arthur’s future plans on planet Mars, tune in and listen to the full episode!

You and keep an eye on Dana Maleb and Arthur Bizdikian’s Instagram stories to see how a fun working day at their office looks like, and visit the Lemonade Fashion website to shop ethically from the comfort of your couch!

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