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Bassel Obeid 22 May 2022

10 Laughable Things That Will Brighten Up A Bad Day

If you’re ever having a bad day, here are a few things you can think of that will make it 99% better.

1. The face your mom makes when she’s trying to scold you but it looks funny AF

You better hold in the laughter…you’ve been warned.

2. Every horrible answer ever given on Miss Lebanon

Awal shi bonsoir, tene shi they’re so bad that we know them by heart.

3. That one time a goat roamed around the justice palace

The little cutie was passing laws, mind your business.

For the full story, click here.

4. The memes about Michel Elias El Murr

For more, click here and here.

5. And anything related to Elie Ferzli, of course

This man is a walking meme.

6. Those vans with weird pictures and quotes on the windows

7. That odd Carmen Chammas video where she talks about eggs, grapes, and fish

Still confusing to this day.

8. The way your Lebanese teta roasts you

And add the day3a accent into the mix.

9. The way you and your sibling look at each other when the ketchup bottle makes a farting noise

A timeless joke.

10. The many times you blasted yourself with water from the bathroom sink of a 200-year-old Lebanese restaurant