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Melissa Sleiman 25 May 2022

Cupola: The New Italian Spot In The Heart Of Gemmayze

One thing we can’t get enough of is Italian food, and lucky for all those foodies out there, there’s a new spot in Gemmayze that’s ready for you to visit!

Cupola is the newest addition to the restaurant scene in Gemmayze, bringing you a very chic and charming feel with delectable food to match.

Photo credits: baroodiesfoodies.

While they do provide a range of traditional Italian dishes, their take offers a burst of flavor, authenticity, and lots of love. Made with fresh and high quality ingredients, it’s safe to say that this spot is any food lover’s dream.

Some of their yummy dishes include the Burrata, Quinoa salad, and Tartufo Pizza!

Their outdoor seating is perfect for this sunny weather. Or you can simply enjoy the cozy interior while you eat your heart out!

They’re open every day from 9am until 12am. For more information, call 78 915 184!