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William Daou 26 May 2022

Water Supply Further Threatened Due To Fuel Crisis

Deeper implications of the seemingly never-ending fuel and currency crisis which is now threatening water supply, a supply that was already weak in some areas and nonexistent in others.

As the week marks extensive power cuts, soaring fuel prices, and new record lows for the Lebanese currency with exchange rates soaring past 35,000 LL on the dollar at the time of publishing, the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment has announced that water pumping stations are now unable to provide most areas with water supply.

In Nabatieh, power cuts have left the pumping stations static, leaving homes without water since last Thursday.

The establishment is being forced to adopt a rationing program due to the fuel shortages, increase in prices, and devaluation of the currency. They also warn that if the situation does not improve, there will be a complete cut in water supply.

Lebanon’s water supply has always been fragile. Despite the fact that the country is considered to be water-rich, poor infrastructure and a complete lack of planning and management have left so many areas dry.