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William Daou 28 May 2022

Transportation Prices From 9 Cab Companies In Lebanon

Getting around now costs an arm and a leg (and a kidney!). We called up nine cab companies in Lebanon to see how they’re pricing trips from Downtown Beirut to Jounieh, Jbeil, and Choueifat. Here’s what it’ll cost you!

1. Allo Taxi (Sin el Fil)

Jounieh: 374,000 LL
Jbeil: 552,000 LL
Choueifat: 316,000 LL

2. Charlie Taxi, Ain el Remmeneh

Jounieh: 600,000 LL
Jbeil: 1,150,000 LL
Choueifat: 400,000 LL

3. White Taxi, Sin el Fil

Jounieh: 500,000 LL
Jbeil: 900,000 LL
Choueifat: 350,000 LL

4. I Do Taxi Zalka

Jounieh: 215,000 LL
Jbeil: 450,000 LL
Choueifat: 180,000 LL

5. Trust Taxi Achrafieh

Jounieh: 200,000 LL
Jbeil: 450,000 LL
Choueifat: 250,000 LL

6. Go Taxi Hamra

Jounieh: 600,000 LL
Jbeil: 800,000 LL
Choueifat: 350,000 LL

7. True Blue Taxi Jdeideh

Jounieh: 270,000 LL
Jbeil: 600,000 LL
Choueifat: 200,000 LL

8. Brave Taxi, Mansourieh

Jounieh: 370,000 LL
Jbeil: 620,000 LL
Choueifat: 340,000 LL

9. Queen Taxi, Hazmieh

Jounieh: 350,000 LL
Jbeil: 550,000 LL
Choueifat: 200,000 LL

Please note that these prices are bound to fluctuate depending on exchange rates, fuel prices, and the general mood of the country 🙂