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Bachar Bzeih 22 May 2023

Daleel El 3amal: A New Website For Jobs In Lebanon

Daleel El 3amal is a new website for job seekers and providers in Lebanon that has officially launched today. Made by the Centre for Social Sciences Research And Action, the website “aims to ensure a transparent, easy, and adequate promotion of employment opportunities,” based on the success of the centre’s Daleel Madani.

The centre hopes to replicate its success in the private sector with Daleel El 3amal, touting how Daleel Madani has “25 million page views per year and is the reference for all things related to civil society, including civil society job opportunities.” The website already has 15 job opportunities up on its first day of operation.

The website joins an ever growing list of platforms attempting to facilitate the search for jobs in Lebanon. Daleel el 3amal hopes to make the job search “more convenient and accessible” through its platform. For job posters, the website offers three bundles at the moment, ranging from $25 for 1 job to $200 for 7.

Amidst Lebanon’s intersecting crises, there has been increased chaos in the job market as varying exchanges and non-transparent hiring processes help propel inequality and exploitation. Daleel El 3amal thankfully offers plenty of information for any job listing, with details about the position, duration, and salary offered on the website. We hope this increased transparency will make it easier for job seekers around the country.

Next time you’re on the job hunt, you will probably benefit from a stop at Daleel el 3amal. You can keep up with the website through the centre’s Twitter and Facebook.