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Bassel Obeid 22 May 2023

17 Things You’ll Find At A Lebanese Wedding

There is no experience quite as a chaotic as a Lebanese wedding. Ahead of the coming wedding season, we have brought together the best minds of this generation to figure out the common occurrences you’ll find at (almost) every single Lebanese wedding.

1. The person trying to upstage the bride

You know what, you do you actually.

2. A cake that’s way too big

No one’s eating all that…

3. Decoration that is way too extra

Why are there two lifelike balloons of the bride and groom?

4. The gossip table

Get me a seat here, asap.

5. Grandparents that are only there to say 3a 2belkon


6. The one famous person invited

Omg did you see him that’s the ex-ex of the ex-Minister of Administrative Affairs…

7. The one wannabe famous person

Your 3k Instagram followers do not need to be seeing this many angles.

8. Children screaming

The kid does not want to be in a tux, free them!

9. A playlist that truly makes no sense

This is worse than whatever TikTok monster is currently dominating Lebanese pubs.

10. The drama invitee

They’re only here to be at the heart of some drama, and we respect it.

11. The person who’s only there for the buffet


12. The cousins

The good, the bad, and the crazy.

13. Your ex

It better not be your fucking cousin though.

14. An 80 year old and 14 year old having a conversation

What are they talking about?

15. The two families making awkward small talk

Take me back to the 80 year old and 14 year old conversation, please.

16. A weird photographer

There’s always that one photographer who’s vibe is off.

17. Fireworks (if you’re lucky)

If you’re not, take cover because that’s open gunfire baby! Happy wedding season!