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William Daou 23 May 2023

People Are Sharing All The Things They Find Overrated, And Some Are Surprising!

Lebanese Twitter has been the place to express some pretty controversial opinions and reactions. On this week’s trending Twitter thread, a user asked people to name two things they find overrated in 2023. Some of the answers were quite shocking.

1. Fairuz? Really?

2. We can agree on the bemye part…

3. People: Hilmi’s is so overrated!!!

Also people: *posts pic of them at Hilmi’s as soon as they’re in Batroun*

4. Our website existing: 👁️👄👁️

5. Pewpirirew

6. SHAWARMA?????

7. Yes because seeing her every Ramadan for 30 days straight is not enough

8. Some of y’all are BOLD

9. Shu ossetkon ento w Fairuz?

10. We agree, naming just two things is too limiting

11. Janarek w moghrabiye is fine but you cross the line at Amr Diab?

12. #TeamMtabbal

13. Mbala ktir sorry

14. Points were made

15. This guy just pissed off half the nation, nay…the region

So this wraps up the list of things people find overrated in 2023 (so far). The number of Fairuz, shawarma, and janerek entries are criminal. Should we add our own entries to the thread?

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