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Melissa Sleiman 12 Jun 2022

14 Things You’ll Hear At A Sunday Family Gathering

Lebanese family gatherings are usually all about food, food, food, and talking. Here are only some of the things you’ll often hear:

1. “Salamto 3ala khalto Samira?”

Yes, mom. Thanks for making it hella awkward.

2. “Lesh ma 7ada 3am yekol?”

Granted, everyone is usually knee-deep in all the hummus.

3. “Da3fen/e kteer”

4. “Sar 3endak/ik khdood!”

Another way to say “Nas7an/e”.

5. “Aymtan 7a nefrah mennik/mennak?”

Can I enjoy my wara2 3enab in peace?

6. “Shu 3amel ekhtisas?”

Doctor/engineer/lawyer/architect is the only right answer.

7. “Leh ma min shoufik/shoufak?”

8. “T3arrafet 3a shi hada hek hek bel jem3a?”

9. “Smalla shu kabraneen!”

Surprise! I grew in the past 4 years.

10. “Zakkerne shu bta3mel/bta3mle”

I’ve told you 45 times, but okay let’s feign interest once again.

11. “Ta3a/ta3e 3teeni bawse”

12. “Ahlik ma 3endon masare yjeebo jeans manno mkhazza2?”

Good one…

13. “Aymta badna na3mil jam3a 7ilwe?”

Bitch, we’re not even done with this one.

14. *argue about politics*

I think I’d rather just enjoy the food…