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Mia Arawi 13 Jun 2022

10 Cafes You’ll Love If You Hate Mondays

No sane person enjoys Mondays, but if they do, they’ve probably spent it at one of these awesome cafes.

1. BUN Coffee Shop, Hazmieh

This spot offers the perfect setting for a memorable get-together.

2. Sole Insight, Mar Mikhael

A philo-art café with a lot of soul, philosophy, and art to share with the world.

3. Cloud Coffee, Jal El Dib

For the creamiest coffee you’ll ever taste!

4. Hop On Board, Broumana

This spot is all about live music, late-night drinks, and early coffees.

5. The Coffee House & Lounge, Ehmej

Make memories with an impeccable view.

6. Dar El Wardieh, Gemmayze

Enjoy your morning coffee with a little vitamin D.

7. Chronicles, Fanar

Board games and excellent coffee!

8. BEYt Sirena, Ras Beirut

For people who enjoy a more serene destination, this one’s for you.

9. Berlin Bar, Furn El Chebbak

Check out their food recommendations for a tasty treat.

10. Newtown Specialty Coffee, Tripoli

One of Tripoli’s finest gems!