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William Daou 15 Jun 2022

This Amazing Service Converts Your Waste To Money

Lebanon Waste Management (LWM) is a waste-sorting facility in Beirut that is turning your trash into cash!

This service is attempting to encourage recycling by setting up its very own “Drive Throw” where you can drop off recyclable waste and get some money in return.

To participate, you can just pass by their “Drive Throw” in Sed El Bauchrieh and drop off a bag full of any recyclable items such as water bottles, bottle caps, cardboard, paper, etc. The awesome people from LWM will weigh your waste and pay you what it’s worth!

This is an amazing concept that can encourage people to engage in the eco-friendly habit of recycling! So, start collecting and stop by their store in Sed El Bauchrieh to make the world a better place (and make a little cash while you’re at it).