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Mia Arawi 16 Jun 2022

These 7 Desserts Are The Perfect Sugar Fix After A Long Day

Looking for your next sugar fix? Check out these delicious desserts!

1. Macarons from Michelle Bakes Cakes

Colorful and absolutely delicious!

2. Strawberry Milkshake from Lokma

A drink that’s fulfilling and too good not to try.

3. The Mafroukeh and Sahlab ice cream sandwich from Booza Society

Hits the spot every.single.time.

4. Cookie S’mores from SmushKies

SmushKies never fails to impress with its sugary creations.

5. Bunperdu from Street Bun

This special dessert is a must-try!

6. Birthday Cake Doughnut from XnDoughs

Donuts? Yes please!

7. Caramel Brownies from Bakerloo

These round brownies are mouthwatering.