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Beirut.com 30 Jun 2022

A Convo With The Arab Top Innovator of 2020: From Mechanical To Tissue Engineering

Crowned as the Arab Top Innovator in 2020, Lebanese biotech entrepreneur Waddah Malaeb participated in Stars of Science, a top-notch Qatari innovation competition and docu-reality TV show, winning the program’s 12th season with the highest number of public and jury votes. Waddah joins our host Lynn on this episode of the Beirut Buzz podcast to tell you all about his winning product: a cost-effective biochip that replicates the human body tissues, providing an atmosphere for safe and practical drug testing. How was Waddah introduced to the world of biomedical engineering? What was the biggest challenge he faced during the creation process? And what advice would he give to aspiring entrepreneurs living in Lebanon? Hit the play button and get an answer to all these questions!

You can watch season 12 of Stars of Science on the show’s Youtube channel, and follow Waddah’s journey on Instagram @Waddah Malaeb.

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