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Shaymaa El Khatib 04 Jul 2022

10 Magnificent Rivers To Uncover This Summer In Lebanon

We all wait patiently for the summer season to come around so we can better enjoy outings and get-togethers with our family and friends. And what is the best way to cool off from the summer heat? By visiting some of Lebanon’s most beautiful rivers.

Here are 10 spots that you should definitely tick off your 2022 summer bucket list!

1. Jahlieh River, Chouf

Starting off strong with a trip to the Chouf and its famous Jehlieh river, known for its crystalline waters and beautiful surroundings. This spot is ideal for a family outing!

2. Shallalat Al Zarka, Baakline

Devour some of the most delicious Lebanese mezza platters while listening to the sound of running water, this Baakline gem is the perfect escape for those looking to spend time in nature.

3. Chouwen Lake, Kesserwan

Of course there is also the glorious Chouwen lake that is engulfed by oak and pine trees from every direction. A secluded heaven that is a must-visit.

4. Bisri River, Jezzine

Uncover this river with a group of adventurous friends with a love for high trees, crystalline waters, and unforgettable memories.

5. Qaaqaaiyet El Jisr, Nabatieh

With Roman ruins left behind in an expanse of greenery and running water, this park in the South is a place to take a breather while having a fun time with your friends.

6. Al Wazani River, Jnoub

One of the most beautiful rivers in Lebanon, located in a region that boasts amazing views and magnificent flora.

7. Al Khardali River, Kfar Tebnit

While we’re down South, wander to the furthest point in Kfar Tebnit and you will find yourself at Al Khardali river. Secluded and absolutely dreamy, this spot is for adventurous nature lovers who love uncovering new places.

8. Al Ain Al Zarka River, Yohmor

When in Yohmor, sit by the riverbank and cool off as you catch up with your old friends with the sound of running water in the background.

9. Al Assi River, Hermel

Daredevils, grab your friends and head over to Al Assi river for an active day in nature.

10. Shallalat Nabeh Merched, Mekhtara

Nabeh Merched is a hotspot to enjoy a Lebanese lunch with a view of a waterfall and a river running beneath the restaurant. It is also known for the many historic bridges in the area, including “Berket Al 3arous”, which has been standing since 1507.