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Labib Mansour 06 Jul 2022

6 Delicious Pizzas You Have To Try This Week

Pizza is its own love language, and since Lebanese people admire this delectable dish, there are many amazing options to try!

1. Pizza Classica from Fiori

Fiori offers some of the best Italian pizza options, with a soft dough, crunchy crust, and high quality ingredients.

2. XL 73cm Party Pizza from New York City Pizzeria

With up to 4 different flavors, this party dish is enough to feed the whole pack! We’re pretty sure one slice is enough to fill you up.

3. Philly Salmon Pizza from Crust Bites

This combo is an odd one, but it is a must-try. What kind of pizza lover would you be if you didn’t tick this black dough treat off your bucket list?

4. Goat Cheese And Fig from SUD Resto Bar

The goat cheese-fig mix is too good to be true. Paired with the perfect cocktail? You have yourself a winning meal.

5. Bresaola Pizza from Mariolino

Whoever hasn’t tried bresaola on pizza, you’re missing out. The one from Mariolino is exploding with flavor!

6. Jay’s Favorite from Pizza Guys

It’s Jay’s Favorite for a reason! A fulfilling option that will leave you wanting more.