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Shaymaa El Khatib 06 Jul 2022

Le Tournant: A Magical Hotel In The Clouds

There’s something magical about being atop one of Lebanon’s most marvelous mountains with clouds scattered across the sky. Having that kind of experience is not out of reach because Le Tournant is a hotel situated on the edge of Ehden’s mountains with a magnificent sky view.

The hotel feels like a touch of heaven on earth with its large pools with waters as blue as the sky. And the fact that it also overlooks the famous Qadisha Valley makes it all the more magical.

Le Tornant offers rooms that can accommodate up to eight people, and their price range is as follows:

– A double room (2-3 people) costs $80 on weekdays and $90 on weekends, including breakfast
– A connected room (4-6 people) costs $120 on weekdays without breakfast (and $150 with breakfast included)

As for their chalets, the price range is as follows:

Small (3-4 people): $150 without breakfast, $180 with breakfast
Medium (4-6 people): $200 without breakfast, $250 with breakfast
Large (6-8 people): $300 without breakfast

The hotel includes several amenities such as a gym and tennis court, and it also offers a variety of fun activities, which include paragliding and hiking.

After a long day of fun, you can stop by their restaurant that offers both Lebanese and international cuisine!

For the lovebirds and spouses-to-be, as wedding season is well underway, Le Tournant can provide you with the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Their venue is perfect for dancing the night away under the stars.

For more information, check out their Instagram or call 06 995 400.