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Sarah Tarhini 08 Jul 2022

11 Things Single Folks Adore In Lebanon Right Now

Count yourself lucky if you’re single in Lebanon! Here are 12 things that will definitely make you feel better.

1. Upgrading from double broke to just broke

2. “3a2belkon” does not hurt much anymore

After seeing as3ar el hfadat? Never.

3. Saving all your mobile data for yourself

No more long late night calls

4. Not stressing about condom prices anymore

Come on, getting laid? In this economy?

5. Finally having the shawarma all for yourself

Best part? You’re not sharing food with anyone.

6. Saving all that fuel lal dahrat yale bte7roz (ft. your friends)

You’re no longer driving to Baalbak every week to meet your partner or receiving the “t3a khedene/t3a jibne” texts anymore

7. Always somehow bumping into your trashy ex

W btsiro tetzakro lesh ento single (Khay zamatna)

8. Not having to put up with your partner’s unrealistic expectations or their parents’ or their grandparents’ or their aunts’

(Bel akhas eza wa7dene el sabe. YIY)

9. Skipping on Valentine’s expensive gifts

Enso el dabdoob el a7mar w el red roses, take yourself out!

10. Saving your phone battery

Less charging = Not stressing about kahraba

11. Sleeping much better

You’re sleeping early l2no ma hadan m3brak, the bed is all yours, and no more cuddling lamma mafi kahraba so ma btoftas bel lel.