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Sarah Tarhini 08 Jul 2022

12 Memorable Things That Happen During Every Lebanese Family Trip

Nothing beats the chaos of a Lebanese family trip, with some moments just remaining unforgettable. So here are 12 things that make a family trip so chaotically Lebanese.

1. El jowar

Yaly your dad sar hafez wayna bas still bsebba

2. “Bl raj3a ana 3al shebek”

Said to your siblings who betrayed you w 2a3adook bl nos

3. Your mom taking random family pictures

Wehde akhdeta enta w 3am te7ke w fete7 temak w another one where your sibling looks possessed while eating their man2oshe.

Worst case scenario: When she sends them 3a group el 3ayle

4. Stopping by to ask for directions

“Eh X wen saret?”

“Btekhod yamin ba3dein sheml ba3dein yamin ba3dein fi tal3a ba3dein shi 7,000 meter 3al shmel…..”

5. “3am tel3e nafse”

And stopping the car for your sister kil shway

6. “Fik tzi7 shway?” “Fik tsheel ejrak?”

And fighting in the backseat with your siblings

7. Randomly stopping by strangers’ trees to pick fruits

Now you have a Tupperware full of berries or figs

8. “Fik tsheel el earphones?”

And ruin my main character moment? Never

9. The fight bel beit 2abel el dahra while packing

And your parents almost getting divorced…

10. “Badak jebne aw zaatar?”

How about both mom?

11. The super-duper cold Sohat bottles

Normally getting crumpled in the backseat.

12. The holy plastic bag filled with junk food and snacks