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Mia Arawi 20 Jul 2022

7 Magical Guesthouses For A Perfect Getaway In Lebanon

The need for an escape creeps in every once in a while, and scratching that itch could be the most satisfying thing ever when done right.

We’ve compiled a bunch of unique guesthouses for your next staycation.

1. Billy’s Guesthouse & Roof, Batroun

A pet-friendly guesthouse filled with antiques, complete with an uplifting color scheme, and boasting a rooftop experience that will make your summer nights worth remembering.

2. Beit Al Hana Guesthouse, Maaser El-Chouf

Al Fundok’s very own Beit Al Hana is a beautifully colorful getaway in Maasser El Chouf. This escape offers homey meals and a calming atmosphere.

3. Guita Bed & Bloom, Akoura

This guesthouse is an ideal family retreat that promotes sustainable agritourism, ecotourism and wellness.

4. SaQi Guesthouse, Saqi Rechmaya

A natural escape that will feel just like home, decorated with beautiful antiques and surrounded by a green landscape.

5. Bayt Frida, Batroun

Inspired by the famous Frida Kahlo, the guesthouse stays true to a Frida-esque interior with its use of primary colors and floral decorations. The joyful use of colors is bound to brighten up your spirits after a long week of chaos.

6. Les Galets Guesthouse, Bahsa-Batroun

For those with a love for Lebanon’s architectural legacy, Les Galets offers a unique and culturally rich experience in their triple arch guesthouse in the heart of Batroun.

7. Al Bayader Guesthouse, Jrane-Batroun

A calm escape that is best for the hot summer weather, fully equipped with a pool and bamboo shacks that will keep you cool and relaxed.