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Maya Hamadeh 25 May 2023

Craving Wings? 5 Spots For Open Wings In Lebanon

Looking for places to indulge in a wings fiesta and fulfill your cravings? Then look no further than our list of restaurants that are currently offering open wings in Lebanon. Expect to sauce up your mood as we dig into the crispy, salty world of open chicken wings!

1. Cheese on Top

Located in Furn El Chebbak, Zouk Mosbeh, and Bliss Street, our favorite American eatery has restored their ‘Open Wings Wednesdays’. Have unlimited BBQ or buffalo wings with a soft drink for only $7.5 at any of their locations every Wednesday! We know we won’t chicken out on this one.

2. Mr. International

Acclaimed for their excellent wings, Mr. International has our hearts as one of the most iconic spots in Lebanon to offer open wings every day. For $11, you can enjoy open wings AND fries with a variety of flavors and side dips. Visit their locations in Horsh Tabet and Zouk Mosbeh as soon as possible and get the ultimate experience of the ‘House of Wings’.

3. Hunger Bunker

Starting today, you can enjoy Hunger Bunker’s newest open wings deal. Down from $10.5 to $7.5, savor their barbecue, buffalo, honey mustard, dynamite, and teriyaki wings, in addition to open fries. But hurry, as this offer is only valid until Friday! If we were you, we would rush to their Jnah or Kaslik locations right about now.

4. Lettuce Meat

Open wings can also be found on the bustling street of Mar Mikhael. If you happen to be passing by on Mondays, look no further than Lettuce Meat’s scrumptious wings. Satisfy your cravings with open wings, a side of fries, and one soft drink for $8 only.

5. Boneless Bar

Hazmieh peeps, you can also have your own wings party at Boneless Bar. Enjoy a wide selection of flavorful wings and potato wedges for $10. The good news is, their open wings are available every day, all day long.

What’s your go-to spot for open wings in Lebanon?

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