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William Daou 24 May 2023

AUB Outdoors Returns This Weekend!

AUB Outdoors makes a triumphant return to our Spring schedule this weekend. This year’s theme is “The World Tour,” a celebration of “unity amidst global challenges.” The event will see a diverse assortment of food, games, concerts, and other fun stuff laid across AUB’s campus. Outdoors will run on Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and 28.

Tickets for AUB Outdoors are available on Ihjoz, and are listed as follows:

  • Single Entry One Day Pass – $3.5
  • Multiple Entry One Day Pass – $5
  • Multiple Entry Two Day Pass – $8.5
  • Fast Pass (Paired with a ticket) – $5

The organization of this event remains student-led, with AUB’s vast student body cooperating to make an unforgettable weekend for visitors from across the country. Revenues from the event are used to fundraise for scholarships to study at the university.

Featured stars this weekend include A7S on Saturday, and Willy William and Hiba Tawaji on Sunday. Food stands featuring your favourite local and international restaurants will also be running through the weekend, while the multiple games on offer will keep you entertained all day long. The mysterious Big Race will also be running through the weekend, offering winners free airline tickets to the country of their choice!

Launched and running since 1982, AUB Outdoors has been a bright spot in the Spring calendar for many. A wonderful event for friends and family alike to take a break from the real world and indulge in some fun together. If you’re free this weekend, make a stop at Outdoors. To learn more, you can check their Instagram page.