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Melissa Sleiman 25 Jul 2022

Hidden Gem Alert: Check Out This Adorable Coffee Shop In Douma

Douma is one of the most stunning villages in Lebanon. One of its best destinations to visit is the Old Souk, and it just welcomed a new spot for our coffee lovers!

The coffe shop is called BeanBar and they are ready to make your visit to Douma more enjoyable with their coffee, smoothies, refreshing cocktails, and more.

Their outdoor seating and feel-good vibe will fully immerse you in the lovely atmosphere. This kind of visit is perfect on a sunndy day with your friends as you wander through the souk and shop for handmade crafts.

The interior décor is all the more satisfying and minimalistic, ensuring that you will have a calm morning before you continue discovering the beauty of Douma.

Don’t forget to stop by on your next road trip!