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Beirut.com 24 May 2023

We Tried Russian Snacks At This Antelias Spot So You Don’t Have To

After trying Philippino snacks from Carmen’s in Hamra, we journeyed across Lebanon to find new snacks to bite into. During our expedition through the streets of Antelias, we located a spot that sells Russian snacks.

This spot is called Kings Caviar, a Russian supermarket that might just tickle your inner Soviet. For those who don’t know, caviar was used as a currency back in the late 1920s and 1930s. Quickly becoming the country’s tenth most exported product, this new “black gold” was a booming industry in post-war Russia. If you’d like to read up about the importance of black caviar in Soviet Russia, then maybe give this article a skim.

Anyway, we digress.

If there’s one thing we love doing, it’s trying new things. If you’re a picky eater who is afraid of taking risks when it comes to selecting snacks, then we decided to do all the heavy lifting for you. Our trusted Beirut.com snack specialists visited Kings Caviar to try the Russian snacks. Here’s what went down.

@beirut.com Exploring the flavors of Russia, all the way from Lebanon! Can’t wait to try the vodka next time!🇷🇺🇱🇧🌎Just kidding #beirut#lebanon#russiansnacks#adventure#salty#sweet#pickles #fypシ゚#fishtok ♬ Судно (Борис Рижий) – Molchat Doma

This spot sells everything from dried fish bites and calamari to Russian dill pickles to sunflower seeds. We zeroed in on their dill pickles, pickle-flavored croutons, dried fish, mini-chocolates, and strawberry marshmallows.

Well, we’re sure the pickle lovers and seafood fanatics will thoroughly enjoy the snacks at Kings Caviar. Snackaholics, are you truly snackers if you haven’t secured a few new foreign snacks under your belt?

Did those pickle-flavored croutons mesmerize anyone else? WITH THE SAUCE INSIDE? Forever engrained in our memories. 10/10.

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