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Bachar Bzeih 26 Jul 2022

13 Video Games You Played During Your Childhood In Lebanon

There’s nothing like the bond between a child and their computer. If you spent hours ignoring your parents and glued to the screen in front of you, we’re sure you’ll remember these 13 iconic games.

1. Counter Strike/Half Life

Long days spent fighting on the computer, then fighting each other in real life.

2. Pink Panther

Jumping around with our pink friend while you ignore your homework.

3. Feeding Frenzy

There’s something so satisfying about seeing your small fish grow.

4. Red Alert 2

The iconic strategy game, which still holds up, allowed us to live out all our war fantasies.

5. Age of Empires

Another iconic strategy game. Don’t forget the cheat code (how do you turn this on) to get some cobra cars to fight horses.

6. Tarzan

Tarzan’s jungle adventures kept us all occupied on a boring day. Although I could never figure out how to beat the last level.

7. Purble Place

Also known as the Windows Vista cake game. There’s something about that’s so addicting.

8. Neighbors From Hell

Who doesn’t love a little prank? This game provided the ultimate stealth experience while allowing you to put dynamite in cake, what else do you want?

9. Barbie

Infinite ways to dress up and live out all your fashion dreams.

10. The Sims

If dressing up isn’t enough for you, we can all relate to spending hours making the perfect life on The Sims, while everything else falls apart around us.

11. Pokemon

Gotta catch them all!

12. Wii Sports

Bowling, baseball, tennis, Wii Sports provided all the sport you need right in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure to not let the remote fly into your TV.

13. GTA

Whether Vice City or San Andreas, everyone got their first taste of driving (and killing) in GTA.