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Melissa Sleiman 24 May 2023

Did We Just Find The Longest Wrap In Lebanon?

Who else eats el akhdar wel yebes when they’re hungry? We don’t know about you, but when those cravings hit, a simple sandwich just won’t cut it. And we just found the longest wrap in Lebanon to suppress our grumbling stomachs.

It is no surprise that Nar Restaurant is in Tripoli, the hotspot for all hungry foodies. The city is known for its delicious bites because if there’s one thing Tripolitans know how to do, it’s cook up a killer meal.

The restaurant serves everything from mouthwatering Lebanese mezza to unbeatable sandwiches, and though we would love to have a taste of everything this spot has to offer, we have our hearts (and bellies) set on their wraps. Their 45cm wraps to be exact. We’re not entirely sure how to scale it for you, but it’s definitely more than you bargained for.

The average wrap is usually a little less than 30cm. Ready to try the longest wrap in Lebanon?

Average at less than $6 per wrap, you’re getting a huge bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at some of their star wraps.

You can enjoy some traditional flavors with their kafta, soujouk, makanek, and taouk. Lebanese snack-style sandwiches, perfectly wrapped in tortilla bread. The perfect bread-to-filling ratio if you ask us.

If you would rather try some not-so-traditional options, then how about a Lebanese burger-inspired wrap? Stuffed with beef, fries, coleslaw, tomato, corn, pickles, ketchup, and lemon mayo sauce.

If you’re ever lost in Tripoli with a grumbling stomach, then Nar Restaurant might just be the answer. Extremely filling and pocket-friendly, you and your friends will find yourselves frequenting this spot.

Who is ready to try the longest wrap in Lebanon? If you think you think you can find a longer one, tag us!

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